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    Autism Spectrum Disorder is basically Repetitive behaviour and lack of communication. Repetitive behaviour is replaced with age.


    Therapy is the only effective treatment available to treat Autistic children. Autism treatment follows Multidisciplinary approach which  includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) , Occupational Therapy (OT) and Speech Therapy.

    Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is  mainly aimed to replace repetitive behaviour such as hand flapping, jumping, running, biting with desirable behaviour.

    Speech therapy is very crucial in the improvement of Autistic children. Because lack of communication is the core symptom of autism and with the help of speech therapy communication barrier can be easily broken. An Autistic child can become socially active and connect with the society.

    Occupational therapy helps the child in self-helping- skills which consists of brushing, toilet training, wear clothing holding pencil and many more. It improves the Motor skills and with Sensory Integration Therapy, we improve sensory processing disorder i.e. visual, auditory,touch,smell,taste and Vestibular (body balancing).

    There is no such medicine available for Autistic children. As we have experience of working with Autism from last decade, we believe that Autism is not a disease. So if there is no disease or disorder then obviously there is no medicine required to correct it. The only available treatment for Autism is the Therapy.

    No doubt, there are plenty of interventions available nowadays.Basically, CBT/ABA,OT, Speech Therapy are required for all the Autistic children. In addition to that Sensory Parks , Mud Therapy and Music Therapy are also useful in children but it's totally based on individual needs.

    Remember, Autistic children are special so it’s our duty to design their treatment regimen according to an individual needs. Our Aim is not only to improve Autistic children but make them capable to attend school with normal children and to pursue their career as well . It is only possible with our dedicated team of behavioral therapists, speech therapists, Occupational therapists,special educators and psychologist.

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